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Our culture and shared values

Entrepreneurship and respect for people

We have a passion for business. That requires action and initiatives from everyone. Decision-making is a swift process. In our group things happen without everyone waiting for instructions. In our view, most problems are business opportunities. 

Financially healthy, we can stick to long-term commitments. Simultaneously we embrace change. In fact, in our expertise areas we want to drive change.

The way we do business and the way we treat people, customers and colleagues alike, is our main differentiator. Entrepreneurship and respect for people are the key characteristics.

Our values permeate everything we do, from internal work to meetings with external stakeholders.

  • Making things happen. We have a passion for business; we challenge, we take the initiative and we take on the responsibility for delivering what we promise.
  • Good to work with. We inspire confidence through a genuine respect for people and relationships.
  • Far-sighted. We drive sustainable change. We have a preference for long-term commitments with the intension of staying in and serving the market.

Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB Group