Business model

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Business model

Creating value in four business groups

Representing world-leading brands, we offer the best products and systems available. We add value through our solutions, including installation and training as well as after-market services, which can also be customised.

Our overall business concept is to create solutions primarily for industrial customers, assisting them in achieving profitable operations by ensuring efficiency, reliability, quality and safety in their processes. We are distributors, problem-solvers and advisors at the same time. We link customers to products and systems from leading manufacturers around the world, adding our own expertise in various solu­tions and service commitments to create value for customers and suppliers alike.

All our businesses share the following characteristics:

Technology focus

  • All market and distribute high-end products
  • All deliver solutions based on technical expertise and know-how
  • All operate in a business-to-business sector

Global sourcing – Local customisation

  • All conduct global sourcing to offer a competitive product portfolio
  • All design, assemble and customise in their own workshops

Active in European markets

  • Customers are industrial, service and transport companies
  • Sales are mostly direct and, in addition, conducted through local distributors and resellers

Market leaders

  • All are, or strive to be, market leaders (No.1 or 2) in their niche

All companies in the Group conduct business based on the same business model. We create profitable, safe and problem-free solutions.

Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB Group