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On a continuous quest for more customer value

We have embarked on a journey from a primarily products orientation to a customer and solutions approach in everything we do.

Why we’re in business

It’s our mission to:

  • assist customers in achieving increased profitability…
    … by ensuring efficiency, reliability, quality and safety in the customers’ processes.

Where we’re heading

It’s our vision to:

  • … be the preferred partner of customers and suppliers alike
  • …attract the best people…
  • the obvious choice for entrepreneurs considering selling their companies.

What we want to achieve

It’s our goal to:

  • establish market leadership for all companies (No. 1 or 2) in their segment/geographical market,
  • build strong brand recognition,
  • grow twice as fast as the market as a whole, through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions,
  • establish the strongest partner relationships in our market.

Strategic priorities

We will increasingly focus on:

  • customers and customer relations, solutions and services,
  • profitability and growth,
  • building a strong employer brand and superior management of our human resources,
  • building group synergies, while maintaining all of the benefits of entrepreneurial drive in a decentralised organisation,
  • active marketing and development of new distribution channels, including e-trade,
  • evolving our expertise and sharing it with our customers.

Financial targets

  • 15 percent annual return on capital employed (ROCE), measured over a business cycle of 3–5 years.
  • 10 percent annual growth, measured over a business cycle of 3–5 years.
  • The ROCE and growth targets are to be achieved while the Group as a whole generates a positive cash flow and maintains a debt ratio not exceeding 50 percent.

Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB Group