Meet our employees

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Meet our employees

We asked a few of our employees what it is like to work at Axel Johnson International and to describe a typical day at work – the culture, the colleagues, and the clients. This is what they said.

Leif Bexelius, Warehouse Manager, Nomo

Leif BexeliusI work as Warehouse Manager and answer for the daily operations of the warehouse together with my employees.

An ordinary day at work starts with checking what needs to be done. I verify that everyone is here, and if not, if I need to reschedule anything to make the whole chain work smoothly – from the arrival of the truck unloading the goods, until the goods are reloaded and ready to be delivered out to the client, often during the same day.

I need to monitor everything that happens and, if we have a lot of deliveries simultaneously at one station, I lend them a hand. The major part of my day I will be working on the floor together with the rest of my employees.

The best thing about my work is that I still enjoy it after 25 years. No two days are the same, and there are always new things happening. You never just come here to “do your job” – you always try to give good service to make the clients happy. We have something we call “the Nomo spirit”, which is a kind feeling for the company, which in turn leads to our clients getting the service they expect.

What is special about working here is that you know that it is a chain of events; from the moment a client places the order, to the finishing line when the client has received their bearings. And the chain is never stronger than its weakest link. Everyone knows that what you do in this chain is just as important as what any other department does.


Maria Ditzinger, Assistant to the MD, Nomo

Maria DitzingerI am the assistant to the MD at Nomo. My work days are very varied, but in brief, it consists of writing protocols, retrieving statistics, placing travel orders and simply being at the heart of things, pulling everything together.

What is best about my work is that it is so diverse, one day is not like the other. 

My work place is characterised by an open-hearted, nice and comfortable ambience. What is so special is the so called “Nomo spirit”. So many of us have been working here for such a long time, and still they always welcome the new employees in such an amazing way. They feel at home from the very first day. We have managed to hold on to that family-feeling, even though the company has grown and become relatively big. 

I hope that our corporate culture does not differ all that much from other companies, because I wish that everyone could go to work and enjoy themselves as much as I do.


Jason Potter, Work Shop Manager, Certex UK

Jason Potter

My duties include running the onshore division and supervising onshore labour on a daily basis.

The oil and gas industry is an exciting environment to work in, and my days are usually very busy and hectic. I think this particularly applies to the lifting and testing side of this industry.

The best thing about my job is that I enjoy what I do and the people that I work with. I have worked for this company for 24 years now, and since I am 41 years of age, I think that speaks for itself.

The culture, I would say, is friendly, professional and very focused. The environment is clean, tidy and safe. We work as a tight team, and we like to have a laugh together.

Certex genuinely offers a 24/7 service. 365 days a year, we respond to the most demanding requests, and we never ever say no. This applies predominately to offshore, but very often onshore as well.


Mikael Annas, Assembler, Certex

Mikael AnnasMy tasks are very varying, but on a regular day I assemble steel wire slings and chain tools, stow boxes on pallets, etc. The best thing about my work is the freedom to choose between orders, and the good spirit of my colleagues – most of the time! Most people working here at Certex are younger, sharing mostly the same interests.

The best thing about my job is that it is very flexible, when it comes to the hours as well as to the tasks I have. The culture is also very positive and innovative, probably due to the low average age. What distinguishes us from other companies is our communication and our community, during working hours as well as in our free time. “Workmate” is an important word around here! We always do our best to make sure that the customers are happy, and that we make profit.


Andreas Svensson, Operator, Certex

Andreas SvenssonMy job assignment is mostly about manufacturing lifting tools for different purposes. An ordinary day starts with a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, I review what needs to be done during the day and plan ahead as well as I can. After that, I just carry out my plans and produce as much as possible.

The best thing about my job is that it is very flexible, when it comes to the hours as well as to the tasks I have. The culture is also very positive and innovative, probably due to the low average age. What distinguishes us from other companies is our communication and our community, during working hours as well as in our free time. “Workmate” is an important word around here!

We always do our best to make sure that the customers are happy, and that we make profit.


Petteri Ihalainen, workshop employee, Certex Finland Oy

Petteri Ihalainen

I am 37 years old, married and have a four-year-old daughter. I have been working for over two years in the rigging shop, mainly with reeling and coiling wire ropes for customers like Konecranes and Cargotec.

I know that the wires I produce have an important role to play for our customers’ ability to lift expensive and heavy diesel engines in a safe manner.

I like my job since it is miscellaneous and varying, and fairly independent. I also like my colleagues and the good atmosphere.




Gitte Kjeldsen, Internal Sales Manager, Certex Denmark

Gitte Kjeldsen

I am in charge of internal sales at Certex Danmark in Vojens. My primary duties include leading and supporting the internal sales staff, and also to be in charge of the education of our students. On top of that, there are many other tasks, including guiding and advising customers, as well as answering questions, making offerings, handling tenders, supplier contacts, etc.

A typical day is a hectic day at a rapid pace, with lots of things going on at the same time. There are always several tasks to be solved. The clients need their questions answered, the internal sales staff will need help with different assignments, meetings are held, and more. No two days are the same, and you never know how the day will proceed. Of course there are some fixed matters to attend to during the course of a day, but in general, it is mainly the clients and the employees who decide the contents of a day.

The best thing about my work is that I can use and pass on my product knowledge and my experience, thereby contributing to getting others to increase their competence and do a good job. It is exciting and challenging and you always learn new things – on a professional as well as a human level.

We have a good atmosphere in our workplace. We enjoy a large amount of freedom combined with large responsibilities. Each individual is responsible for herself and her work, but also for her colleagues. We have a very flexible culture where we always try to show consideration for each and every employee. So many of us have been working at Certex Denmark for a long time. This leads to a high professional competence as well as a special culture where you know each other well.

Change is a constant around here, in one way or the other, and stagnation is never an option. The changes contribute to a positive development and you become better at what you do. I think the large amount of freedom and the sense of community is what distinguishes us above all from other companies.


Per Öjvind Aspen, Manager of Operations and Logistics, Haug Offshore Services AS

Per Öjvind Aspen

My duties consist of following up and optimising the equipment coordinators’ day-to-day business, such as complicance with the customs authorities’ regulations. Since each customer has their own system for following up on the logistical processes (ERP), it is my job to see to it that everyone with a certain responsibility assess both the client’s and Haug Offshore Services AS’s demands, to comply with the requirements from the authorities as well as the clients’ own procedures.

The best thing about my job is to be able to go to work and know that together, we are working towards the same goal – even if we have different backgrounds and different aims for the day. If anyone would set out to describe our culture, the quote ”’Godfoten’ – teamwork – the way to success” (Nils Arne Eggen, 1998) would probably be on the spot.

Since we are the only company within the Group that provides service aimed at the offshore business, the Group’s future expectations is certainly significant for our ability to expand and develop into the superior service provider for our clients, and within our segment.

We also have a very low personnel turnover, which is unique. It is a strength when you compare with our competitors who struggle to keep up with our pace.


Audrey Noel, Order Processing & Marketing Manager, AxFlow France

Audrey Noel

No two days are the same at AxFlow, and that is one of the most interesting characteristics of my job. I try to start everyday with having a hot chocolate together with my colleagues. Then I go to my desk and try to answer all the customer requests.

The last day of each month is the most important one, because then I must make sure that all orders that can be invoiced are included in the turnover. It's a race against time, every time.

I think the best thing about my job is the trust between myself and my team. Also, the company is like “a second family" for each one of us. It's really unique that a company like AxFlow doesn’t ask me to make a choice between my family and my responsibilities.

The difference between AxFlow France and other companies is that many people have been working together for a long time, and each new employee is easily integrated into this family. We are just a small part of the Axel Johnson Group, but we really feel that we are not anonymous.

Axel Johnson International is a part of Axel Johnson AB Group